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"Hi, my name is Lawrence Cheng!"

 I am currently a Regents' Scholar at UC Berkeley, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Over the past few years I have had ample experience with various programming languages (Java, Python, SQL, MATLAB, and HTML/CSS/JS) and API's (Google Maps API, Firebase API, Greenfoot API). I've also worked on projects on the hardware side with Arduino, the Makerbot 3D printer, and Autodesk inventor as well as with VR, with tools like Unity and the Gear VR. Furthermore, I'm also currently a research assistant in the Kurillo Tele-Immersion Lab at Berkeley and have done research in the past in the Schaffer Lab at Cornell and in the Rahmatalla Lab at UIowa. I have also interned at software companies such as Upthere.

  I also enjoy volunteering as a member of ANova, an organization that teaches CS to underprivileged youths in the surrounding schools, and Facebook Techstart, a non-profit program sponsored by Facebook to educate those in the community about technology. I am currently on the events committee for ANova, where we host a 12-hour hackathon for high-school students from all over the Bay Area.

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Food Analyzer
Food Analyzerclose


HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Google Cloud API (Natural Language Processing API), Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, Cheerio, Flask

Winner of Hack UCSC 2017 - 3rd Place in the Tech Cares category.

Chrome extension that uses machine learning and natural language processing to instantaneously obtain nutritional information for recipes and ingredients seen online, allowing users to identify unhealthy ingredients and make alternative decisions.

DreamPainter VR
DreamPainter VRclose


Unity, Python, JS, C#

DreamPainter allows users to view real-life landscape photospheres and, using the Gear VR's controls, toggle through the various stylized versions of those photospheres.

Epidemiology Tracking System
Epidemiology Tracking Systemclose


HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Google Maps API, Firebase API

Tracks the pattern and spread of disease by allowing users to put down disease markers on an interactive map while calculating a prediction for risk of infection and mortality.

Wearable CO2 Monitor
Transcutaneous CO2 Monitorclose


Arduino, COZIR CO2 Sensor, GasLab, Makerbot 3D Printer

Winner of Synopsys Science Championships - IEEE Best Engineering Award, Naval Science Award

Wearable, portable monitor that can monitor internal blood CO2 levels of humans in order to prevent deaths caused by respiratory blockage, such as by choking or by asthma.

Forerunner Game
Forerunner Gameclose


Java, Greenfoot API

This was created as the final project for APCS and was developed with Java and the Greenfoot API. It is a game where you control a Forerunner in a game arena, surviving for as long as possible to collect points while also avoiding obstacles and collecting powerups.